Worship Services

Here at St. Timothy’s we celebrate what is called the Eucharist every Sunday. You may have heard it be called Communion, Mass, or the Lord’s Supper. Regardless of what you may call it, we invite you to come join us as we remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ by celebrating the Eucharist at any of the times below.


7:30 QUIET SERVICE, sunday morning

The 7:30 service uses traditional Anglican liturgy and does not have any music. We invite you to join us for a shorter, contemplative experience. 


8:45 TRADITIONAL, sunday morning 

Our 8:45 service uses the traditional Anglican liturgy and has a full choir singing familiar church hymns. Come for a wonderful service steeped in tradition. 


11:00 Service, sunday morning

Our 11:00 service uses the liturgy written by our brothers and sisters from the Anglican Church of Kenya and has a worship group playing contemporary worship music. 


1:15p spanish service

Come at 1:15 on Sundays to enjoy a service that is entirely in Spanish! 
¡Ven a la 1:15 los domingos para disfrutar de un servicio en español!


6:00p wednesday service

This service is a short service that is followed by our weekly education classes, small groups, and dinner. We have something for all ages. Come to be with God and to learn more about him with a wonderful community!