You now have the opportunity to get the St. Timothy’s logo embroidered on a large variety of clothing items through Lands’ End. We have set up a store front at Lands’ End Business Outfitters. Once there you can shop for the product(s) you want. After you choose your color, size and quantity press the add logo button. There is a logo with black text for lighter items and one with white letters for darker things. Please choose the correct logo. If you are purchasing a cap please make sure you use the correct cap logo, these are designed to stitch on a curve. The logo is an additional $5.95 fee per item. We are excited about this because it allows you to pick from different types of shirts, sweaters, jackets, caps, etc. in a wide assortment of colors and sizes which we would never be able to do if we had to buy each stock. Questions? Talk to Tracy Pegues.

Open the St. Timothy’s Land’s End Store